Chemist Trade

About the Journal Chemist Trade

Celebrating over 42 years of circulation, Chemist Trade Journal is the only critically acclaimed and government recognized publication subscribed by Chemists and Druggists (Pharmacies) all over India.

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Chemist Trade journal provides up-to-date information on new medicines and healthcare products launched in the Indian market place along with their price lists.

The journal relays important pharmaceutical industry information to the Chemists and Druggists all over India. The journal also contains timely information on new healthcare industry laws and MRTP information.

Chemist Trade is a popular channel for pharmaceutical companies in India and globally to launch and advertise their products for the Indian Healthcare Industry.

About the Publisher

Dr. Sushil Misra is the owner and publisher of Chemist Trade and co-founder of Anpas Global LLC. Dr. Misra holds a PHD from Allahabad University, India and is actively involved in the Indian Pharmaceutical industry since 1970.

He is a life member and Former General Secretary of the All India Organization of Chemist’s and Druggists.

Dr. Misra has over 45 years of experience in the healthcare industry and is closely associated with leading manufacturers of herbal and pharmaceutical medicines across India.